CONGRATULATIONS to Rednek Robotics Wun (Team 724) for receiving 2nd place for the Inspire Award at the First Tech Challenge Montana Qualifier in Butte yesterday.  While the robot maybe did not perform as well as they would have liked, their performance in the judging and interview competitions qualifies them for the Montana State Tournament January 25 at MSU. Great job kids!

For those of you not familiar with FIRST, from the FIRST Tech Challenge website:  "The Inspire Award is given to the team that embodies the challenge of the FIRST Tech Challenge program. The Team that receives this award is a strong ambassador for FIRST programs and a role model FIRST TEAM.  This team is a top contender for many other judged awards and is a gracious competitor.  The Inspire Award winner is an inspiration to other teams, acting with Gracious Professionalism both on and off the playing field.  This team shares their experiences, enthusiasm,  and knowledge with other teams, sponsors, their community, and the judges.  Working as a team,  this team will have shown success in performing the task of designing and building a robot." - Thanks Cari for the information!