Board of Trustees

Fairfield School District #21 Board of Trustees believe that the Public Schools of District #21 have the primary responsibility for the formal education of the youth of our community. We recognize that many organizations while not primarily concerned with education play a definite role in the education of the youth of the District. Therefore, it is the desire of the Trustees to establish positive working relationships with other public and private organizations involved in the education process. The legal name of this District is Fairfield School District No. 21, Teton County, State of Montana. The District is classified as a Class II District and is operated according to the laws and regulations pertaining to a Class II District. The district is governed by a board of eight publicly elected trustees. Further information about the board can be found through one of the links listed on this page.

Members and Terms

The Fairfield School District is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of eight members. Five members of the Board represent the Elementary and High School Districts, while three members represent outlying areas which are outside of the Fairfield elementary District boundaries but within the Fairfield High School District boundaries. All trustees are elected to the Board by the voters of the Fairfield Elementary and High School Districts and serve a three year term, or until their successors are elected and qualified. All trustees participate on a equal basis with other members in all business transactions pertaining to the high school maintained by the School District. Only those trustees elected from the Elementary District may participate in the business transactions pertaining to the Elementary District maintained by the School District. In order to achieve its primary goal of providing each child with the necessary skills and attitudes to become effective citizens, the Board shall exercise the full authority granted to it by the laws of the State of Montana. Its legal powers, duties and responsibilities are derived from the Montana Constitution and state statutes and regulations.