LtoR on floor... Carsten Brooks, Luke Ostberg, Marshall  Kunkel, Halee Hane, Andrew Hansen LtoR standing - Devon Lindquist, Xander Digan, Adeline Hahn, Brittney  McNair, Mandy Widmer, Tyler McNair, Jack Knight III, Chuck Merja, Roger  Lindquist, Tyler Bennett (former member, now coach for another team),  Aaron Brubaker

The RedNeks went on to a 9-1 record and earned the top three scores in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Tech Challenge state championship Friday on the MSU Bozeman campus.  A sister team of 8th graders had a good day too, finishing the day as part of the runner up alliance.

Thirty six teams from Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming qualified in 
either  November or December events to participate in the day-long 
championship event.

Montana gets to forward two teams to the Houston World Championship in 
April and by virtue of being the captain of the winning Alliance, the 
team, with members from Fairfield, Simms and homeschoolers will 
represent Montana for the 6th time, and the 5th time in the last 6 
years.  They will compete against 159 other teams from the West and 
Southern US, plus about 10 other countries.  There is a parallel 
championship in Detroit where the best 160 teams from the East and 
Midwest, plus a different 10 countries will participate.  These 320 
teams will come from nearly 6000 teams worldwide.  There is no pressure 
at all on the team to do well, since 4 of the previous trips, have found 
the team in the championship round...where the team has won three times!!!