Junior high and high school aged BOYS being targeted in a social media based scam.  They believe that pedofiles/sex offenders are behind this scam.  Here's how it works:

💥Pedophile creates FAKE social media account using pictures of a random beautiful young girl.
💥Pedophile friend requests boys on social media using these FAKE profile pics.
💥Boys accept the friend request (even though they do not know her) because shes a gorgeous girl.
💥Pedophile sends personal messages to boys to begin conversation/relationship.
💥Pedophile sends provocative/naked pics of fake girl to boys and asks for naked pics and/or video in return.
💥Boys send a pic. and/or video.
💥Pedophile then tells boy that they will SHARE the boy's naked pict/vid PUBLICLY so that school/community/family will see IF THE BOY DOES NOT AGREE TO MEET.