Fairfield School Elections / Information

Congratulations to re-elected school board members:

Chris Christensen, Robert Garner, and Michelle GJerde.

Thank you for all you do for our school and for the hard work you have put in over that past couple years. Your dedication to our school, students and community is appreciated.

The 20 Year Facilities Bond set to expire in June!

Believe it or not, the last facility upgrade bond was 20 years ago. The last payment on that bond will be made next month.

That multimillion dollar bond was serviced by an annual tax payment of:

$110,442 in the Elem District

$110,390 in the HS District

Thank you for supporting our last facility upgrade for 20 years.

Technology Levy

On March 15th, 2022, the Fairfield School Board voted to support running a Technology Levy. This Technology Levy is in conjunction with the Facility Bond Expiring and would be dedicated to specifically servicing and helping to support the ongoing technology needs of the Fairfield School District.

The circumstances of the past couple years have required schools to purchase new technology and equipment in order to provide education. Every student attending our school has a device and we have entered into a new era for teaching and learning. The federal funding made available to purchase much of the current necessary technology will soon expire creating a local need that our current budget cannot fill. The District is creating a replacement strategy for student devices that also address the growing needs for internet, software, wifi, IT and digital security.

The Technology Levy is split equally between the Elementary - $60,000 and High School - $60,000 = $120,000 Total.

According to the current Tax Values provided by the county and OPI the Levy would result in a tax amount of...

$60,000 ($23.27 per yr / $100,000 House Value) in Elem District

$60,000 ($16.06 per yr / $100,000 House Value) in HS District

*(Please note these amounts differ for agriculture assessments)

*If this School Technology Levy passes, there would still be an approximate 46% overall local tax reduction for everyone residing in this school district due to the 20 year bond expiring.

Everyone residing in the Fairfield District will be receiving mail in ballots after May 6th. Voting and ballots are due by 8pm, May 25th.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Dustin Gordon - Fairfield Superintendent

Denise Grant - Fairfield Business Clerk